Development Information

The system statistics collection daemon

Development Information

Git repository

The current development state is stored in a Git repository.
The Git repository is also synched to Github. To check out the latest development version use the following command.

\# Canonical repository git clone git:// \# Github mirror git clone git://

After “cloning” the repository you will need to generate the automake and autoconf files. You can do this using the script found in the root directory of the repository.

Bugtracking system

We’re using GitHub issues to keep track of bugs. Feel free to open and discuss bugs there. You can conveniently link to issues using

Development articles

news.shtml#news49”>the news entry. So far, t-shirts have gone to:

  • Sebastian Harl
  • Richard Shade
  • Peter Holik
  • Richard W. M. Jones
  • Stefan Hacker
  • Oleg King
  • Michał Mirosław
  • Alessandro Iurlano
  • M. G. Berberich
  • Michael Stapelberg
  • Luke Heberling
  • Bruno Prémont
  • Doug MacEachern
  • Fabian Linzberger

Thanks, guys :)