The system statistics collection daemon

Bugtracking system

The bugtracking system is the central platform for bugs and problems related to collectd. If you have a problem regarding collectd or you have found a bug in the daemon or one of its plugin, please tend to bugtracking system. Be sure to check your problem has already be reported before filing a new bug and provide as much information as possible.

Mailing list

The mailing list is the central place for announcements and development issues. New versions of collectd are announced on the mailing list and we’re discussing development related topics here. It used to be the place for bugs and problems, too, but this proved to be impractical. You can still ask your questions there, but please make sure to read the FAQs first. Please don’t be surprised if we ask you to open a bug in the bugtracking system.


You can subscribe to the mailinglist at collectd’s mailinglist page.


You can post to the list even if you’re not subscribed. Your posting in held for approval in this case though, to protect ourselves against spam. The email-address is <collectd at>.


You can read archived message in the mailinglist archives. Please do that before asking questions that may have been answered before.


Some of us are hanging out in #collectd on freenode. Feel free to join us there :)


We have a Twitter account named “@collectd” which we use for small project updates from time to time. Please feel free to “follow” us.

Security issues

To to report a sensitive security issue, reach out to <>, GnuPG 0x0C705A15.


This site is run by Florian octo Forster, <octo at>.

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