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This page contains some example configurations for the cURL plugin. This page is meant as a cookbook, so if you have a configuration for an aspect not handled here or a daemon not present, please feel free to add anything that's useful for you.

Average delay of served requests

The following real-world example queries the status page of a custom web-service and fetches the average time it took to handle the last 1000 requests. This is the configuration used to create the example graph on the cURL plugin page.

<Plugin curl>
  <Page "banners_served_latency">
    URL "http://localhost/status"
      Regex "average speed of last 1,000 banners served: *([0-9]+) *ms"
      DSType "GaugeAverage"
      Type "latency"
       Instance "average"

Collecting stats from Thecus NAS N2100

The following real-world example queries status of the NAS Thecus N2100. This Linux-based NAS does not have SNMP module, or lm_sensors modules installed, but stats could be passed via shared files. Here are the steps:

  1. Install SSH module on N2100
  2. Login and create cron entry:
    */1 * * * * cat /proc/hwm > /raid/tmp/hwm.txt
    This will start dumping stats into a file every minute.
  3. Install NFSD module on N2100
  4. Create NFS share for /tmp on N2100
  5. Mount N2100:/raid/tmp to your collectd server mount point (e.g. /mnt/sys/n2100). I mounted it as read only.

Plugin config for system and HDD temperatures, along with fan RPM is below:

<Plugin curl>
    <Page "N2100">
          URL "file:///mnt/sys/n2100/hwm.txt"
               Regex "Temp 1: ([0-9]+)"
               DSType "GaugeLast"
               Type "temperature"
               Instance "System"
               Regex "Temp 2: ([0-9]+)"
               DSType "GaugeLast"
               Type "temperature"
               Instance "HDD"
               Regex "FAN 1 RPM: ([0-9]+)"
               DSType "GaugeLast"
               Type "fanspeed"
               Instance "Fan-doubleRPM"

Note that (at least in my case) the RPMs reported are double of the actual RPMs. Oh well... I was too lazy to write a whole Perl plugin to divide this by 2, hence the name: doubleRPM...

HWM.TXT file:

File: hwm.txt           Line 1 Col 0       792 bytes
Address: 5C
Version: 15
Temp 1: 43
Temp 2: 41
FAN 1 Expected counter(MSB): 00
FAN 1 Expected counter(LSB): 9E
FAN 2 Expected counter(MSB): 00
FAN 2 Expected counter(LSB): 9E
PWM 1 Raise duty: 30
PWM 2 Raise duty: 30
PWM 1 Drop duty: 10
PWM 2 Drop duty: 10
PWM 1 duty: 9E
PWM 2 duty: 9E
Reset timer control: 50
FAN 1 in PWM mode(03)
FAN 2 in PWM mode(03)
FAN 1 RPM: 9933(0x97,151,0,97)
FAN 2 RPM: 9933(0x97,151,0,97)
FAN 1 top RPM: 12396(0x79)
FAN 2 top RPM: 12396(0x79)
Reg A0: 32  Reg B0: 32
-- cut --


1. Thecus N2100 [1]

2. NFSD module for N2100 [2]

3. SSH module for N2100 [3]

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