Minutes from 2020-09-28

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Attendees: Sunku, Barbara K, Borja, Dago, Elene M, Florian, Jack, Nikolay T, Pawel Z, Svetlana S, Z, Rafal, Hari TG, Thomas, Susan Coombs, Jack, Jabir, Maick, Octo

Distribution metrics - Presentation from Google interns

  • Presented by Barbara K, Elene M and Svetlana S
  • Presentation to be updated soon
  • Presentation recording to be uploaded
  • What is the impact on other read plugins
    • Ping used to calculate avg & std deviation, it was updated to include distribution metrics to find latency
    • Classical read plugins for 1 sec, distribution metrics are for aggregation -> req latency response latency can be found out
    • TODO: Everything that ingests metrics - network, exec, etc., plugin, all bindings - java plugin, python plugin
    • TODO: Add support to write plugins, into daemon
  • Reference is available in csv plugin, its not necessarily that complex
    • Support distributions natively
    • Break the 1 distribution metric into 1 metric per bucket, ex. Write_prometheus plugin as it produces 1 line per metric
    • Calculate percentile -> treat distribution metric as a scalar metric
  • Impact of distribution metrics on cache
    • Fixed bug
  • Can we configure or are there any settings of buckets
    • Option available for curl for boundaries of buckets and number of buckets
    • Default is 100
  • Looking to get this merged into 6.0 branch
  • Thanks to interns for their contributions in a very short time

Collectd 6.0

  • Merged main branch into 6.0 branch
  • Created bugs for plugins to be ported, based on info gathered in spreadsheet
  • With write_callback there is a line for updating the data structure
  • Many plugins fall in the cracks
  • CI needs to be updated too
  • Guide is to be updated: https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/V5_to_v6_migration_guide
    • Workflow, example code (CPU plugin or memory plugin)
    • Florian will update it
  • How long will 5.x be supported ->
    • 4.x was supported for many years (4-5), officially declared unsupported when it dropped out off debian stable
    • Exponential back off, support this long time meaning security fixes
  • New plugins for 5.x after 6.0 release, choices are:
    • Build plugins from out of tree, separate repo
    • Separate core plugins and rest of the plugins which would help core plugins
    • This would require changes to configure file to help build faster for core plugins vs. others