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Attendees: Nikolay, Ashley, Dago, sunku, Jabir

New Meeting time

  • To make it easy for everyone looking to participate, based on further feedback, the meeting is now being moved to Mondays
  • Starting June 22nd, this call will be every alternate monday at 2PM UTC/7AM PST
  • The login mechanism will still be via Webex
  • Sunku to send out new meeting invite

Repo for Python plugins

  • Need Octo to create the repo
  • We could continue to use MIT license
  • Nikolay to check with colleagues on licensing and open source their internal plugins
    • While some are specific there are few generic plugins that they could contribute
  • Good way to organize:
    • CERN internally build python plugins as packages, like rpms of plugins, and distribute them
    • Plugins in the python-plugin repo could be in folder with plugin files and include a readme
    • We could have spec files for building them in the folder
  • One drawback noticed that if we have many python plugins enabled, all plugins run in single thread and they are executed in order, there might be some delays.
    • Noticed that metrics come in 30-40 seconds of delay. If one plugin takes 30sec for delay all other plugins are delayed

Go-collectd updates, features contributed, in works & need volunteers for

  • Hoping to get more info from Octo
  • Implemented all key functions in Go - login, config, shutdown, etc. with goal to have feature parity of Collectd in C
  • Go-collectd now can load config file from common collectd and it will try unmarshall values from there
    • We could also configure it per plugin file
    • Ashley is open to update the documentation, will check with Octo
  • Some of the features to be worked on include:
    • Flush/notification callbacks - double checks
    • Meta package -> Octo has been working on it
    • Sunku to publish a google doc with a list of features to be done & ones already completed to help anyone volunteer the contributions
  • To consume a library is written in C, might write small amount of C code to wrap C functions and consume in Go plugin
  • Testing of go-collectd framework
    • Go's standard testing methodology is to use Go standard library (stdlib package), its picked up by Go tools and run tests. These tests are basic but standard across ecosystem
    • check https://golang.org/pkg/testing/
    • Right now Travis is configured for go framework
    • Need to check test coverage
    • Travis will run tests across go-collectd framework and provide results

Calculating derivative metrics via Collectd plugins

  • Topic moved to next call

Collectd website migration

  • Topic moved to next call

Issue grooming session

  1. De-duplicate received network packets #77
    • Its a good to have feature, however no activity since 2012
    • Added a comment to see if anyone is still interested
    • Added waiting for response - 1st time label
  2. Implement a TCP response time measurement module #123
    • The plugin has already been contributed by makefu
    • Added a comment for the author to move the python plugin to python plugin repo, once created
  3. filecount: User filter #163
    • No activity for many years
    • Original requester responded mentioning not interested anymore
    • Closed the issue
  4. support multiple instances of same plugin #183
    • The type of aggregation mentioned is usually done by time series database
    • Popular TSDB used are Influxdb, Prometheus, already does this
    • Replied asking if this is still relevant/required
    • Added waiting for response - 1st time label