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Attendees - Sunku, Dago, Kinga, Krzysztof, Kamil, Jabir, Michal, Megan Rodrigo, Emma Collins

  • People are open to do the work
  • Code freeze today March 2nd, for 5.11
  • Dago - PRs - 38 closed and 26 open, happy to retake these to 5.12
    • - Merging PRs bit aggressively, as there is changes in platforms like BSD & its not covered in CI
    • - Would be good to know feedback from someone using it
    • - Happy to test on Solaris
    • - Some PRs ailing for enhanced AIX support
    • - Need help review Slurm plugin, logonce option, plugin for CUDA
  • Action Items from the meetup:
    • - Doodle poll - close the poll by Mar 6th
    • - Krzysztof going through items for CI
    • - No one from Google responded yet
    • - Reach out via mailing list - AI Sunku
  • Could agenda be sent early?
    • - Post the agenda ahead of time to wiki
    • - Ideally post agenda 3-4 days before the call
    • - Michal would coordinate agenda few days ahead
  • Notify snmp plugin PR:
    • - Discussed to have official OID for the project
    • - It would be good to have Octo to do this
    • - Dago could reach out via mailing list
  • For 5.11:
    • - Dago identified 4 or 5 items for code review, sent an email for review. If review done early (by today/tomorrow), it could be merged if all goes well. Kamil, Sunku & KK agreed to distribute these code reviews across so appropriate action could be taken
    • - The others could be moved to 5.12
    • - 3009 is open issue, it needs implementation, not a blocking bug, move to 5.12
    • - Kinga to create a milestone for 5.12 and move appropriate items
    • - Matthias would be the one to freeze the code, there is no tag for code freeze
    • - We need to ensure the code release should not be postponed