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Attendees: Sunku Ranganath, Krzysztof Kepka, Michal Kobylinski, Dagobert Michelsen, Emma Foley, Hari TG, Pawel Tomaszewski, Piotr Dresler, Reshma Pattan

Meeting Minutes:

  • Krzysztof presented Collectd CI proposal. Comments discussed:
    • We would have to control DNS, like to host solaris hosts using Dago's environment
    • Slides posted at : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eJT1iIviUxekuFyQMifsM0nqRxJzfN51H3agKCXSUHM
    • It would be good to reviewable on all OS'es, if we have write access
    • Keep build logs to same host instead of shipping them to another location, this would be easy if we have public access to the site
    • Plug and play model of CI gates
    • For opnfv barometer - better to keep any of the Pharos lab hardware infrastructure separate however we could leverage its Collectd docker container test cases
  • Collectd meetup
    • Audio login for remote joinees? yet to be finalized
  • Collectd 5.11 release?