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* [[Wishlist|Add features]]
* [[Wishlist|Add features]]
* [[:Category:Documentation|Improve documentation]]
* [[:Category:Documentation|Improve documentation]]
* [[:Category:Example config|Add example configs]]
| <h2>[[File:Icon Development.png]]&nbsp;Development information</h2>
| <h2>[[File:Icon Development.png]]&nbsp;Development information</h2>
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Welcome to the Wiki of collectd, the system statistics collection daemon.

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The NetApp plugin connects to a NetApp storage system and queries various performance values from the system. Queried values include used / free disk space, read and write operations, network IO, and CPU utilization.

The plugin uses libnetapp, a library provided by NetApp, Inc., to connect to one or more filers and receive information. This way information is available that isn't provided via SNMP, for example snapshot statistics. Due to a wide variety of available statistics, it is possible to control very fine-grained which information to collect using the configuration. Each group of statistics can be collected in a separate interval, so that free / used disk space can be collected less often than, say, CPU utilization.

The plugin was written in 2009 by Sven Trenkel for the noris network AG and licensed under the MIT license. (more …)

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