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Screenshot of Heymon
Type: Web
License: MIT license
Language: Ruby
Author: DotSpots
Brian Long
List of front-ends

Heymon is a web front-end to RRD files created by collectd. It has been developed as an internal project at DotSpots and was released under the MIT license in February 2010.

Heymon must reside on the same box as collectd's RRD files, and you need to configure Heymon to point to the collectd installation.

Modes of operation

Heymon has two modes, Explore and Dashboard.

  • Explore allows you to build graphs from regular expressions matched into the host, plugin, type, and data sources of collectd metrics. It's smart about narrowing selections based on other selections (e.g. select cpu-2 and it will filter out all your single core machines as unselectable), which can help if you have a really large fleet.
  • Any of the graphs you build in Explore mode can be added to dashboards, which have a simple grouping system. The regex mechanism is powerful because you can make a graph that leaves host as wildcard (.*) and the graph in the dashboard will automatically change over time as new machines enter/exit your fleet.


An alarming system has been built into Heymon, but Brian felt in February 2010 that it wasn't polished enough to expose to the public at large. If you're adventurous it's possible to enable it with just a few uncomments.

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