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Screenshot of Collectd-web
Type: Web
License: GPLv2+
Language: Perl, JavaScript
Author: Kenneth Belitzky
List of front-ends

Collectd-web is a web-based front-end for RRD data collected by collectd. It is based on contrib/collection.cgi, a demo CGI script included in collectd.

With strong emphasis on the usage of Jquery and JqueryUI, Collectd-Web manages to give sysadmins a nice yet functional interface.


  • Host list and filtering
  • Panning & Zooming
  • jQuery-based web interface
  • Themable UI
  • Perl backend
  • Sortable graphs
  • and many features to come!

Check out the issues list at Github to see whats going on.


  • Web server with CGI execution enabled

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