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List of versions
Version 4.10
Version 4.9
Version 4.8
Version 4.7
Version 4.6
Version 4.5
Version 4.4
Version 4.3
Version 4.2
Version 4.1
Version 4.0


Release 4.6.0

Released on Monday, February 16, 2009.

  • collectd: Added the filter chain infrastructure, which allows the user to use `matches' and `targets' to control value processing.
  • collectd: The new `-T' command line argument allows more in-depth testing of a configuration. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.
  • collectd-nagios: The Nagios integration command has been updated to use libcollectdclient. The `percentage' aggregation function has been added. Thanks to Fabian Linzberger for the patch.
  • libcollectdclient: A library which abstracts communication with the unixsock plugin for clients has been added.
  • RegEx match: Match values by their identifies using regular expressions.
  • TimeDiff match: Match for values with an invalid timestamp.
  • Value match: Select values by their data sources' values.
  • Notification target: Create and dispatch a notification.
  • Replace target: Replace parts of an identifier using regular expressions.
  • Set target: Set (overwrite) entire parts of an identifier.
  • BIND plugin: This new plugin uses the new HTTP/XML interface to BIND statistics, allowing very detailed name server statistics. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for this plugin.
  • CPU plugin: Report `interrupt' separately when using sysctlbyname(3) (used under *BSD). Support for sysctl(3), for example for native OpenBSD support, has been added. Thanks to Simon Kuhnle for the patch.
  • CSV plugin: Make it possible to write values to STDOUT instead of files. This is meant for testing purposes mostly. The output written to STDOUT is compatible with the exec plugin. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.
  • cURL plugin: This new plugin can be used to read web pages and parse them using the same mechanism that's used in the tail plugin.
  • DBI plugin: This new plugin allows you to connect to a variety of relational databases and use SQL to gather custom statistics from it. It is similar to the already existing PostgreSQL plugin but uses libdbi to communicate with the database(s).
  • Interface plugin: Use the ignorelist framework when selecting / ignoring interfaces. This allows one to use regular expressions to select interfaces, too.
  • IPMI plugin: Handle temporary IPMI error conditions more gracefully. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for this patch.
  • memcached plugin: Add hit-ratio metric. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.
  • MySQL plugin: Allow connecting to a database via the UNIX domain socket, too. Thanks to Mirko Buffoni for the patch.
  • Network plugin: Further performance improvements for the receive code. This hopefully will help very large setups.
  • OpenVPN plugin: This new plugin collects statistics provided by the OpenVPN daemon. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.
  • Oracle plugin: This new plugin allows you to connect to an Oracle database and use SQL to gather custom statistics from it. It is similar to the already existing PostgreSQL plugin.
  • Perl plugin: Compatibility fixes for broken versions of Perl 5.10 have been added.
  • Perl plugin: Export the newly added plugin_write() to Perl plugins.
  • Perl plugin: Added support for `notification meta data'.
  • Perl plugin: Added support for the `filter chain' infrastructure by allowing plugins to register `matches' and `targets'.
  • PostgreSQL plugin: The preferred configuration syntax has been updated to be in line with the syntax used by the new dbi and oracle plugins. The compatibility code for the old syntax is present. Support for the new `Result' blocks and the interval parameter has been added.
  • Processes plugin: Stacksize and virtual memory usage statistics have been added. Portability fixes.
  • RRDCacheD plugin: This new plugin uses the (still in development) RRD accelerator daemon, rrdcached. This daemon works very similar to the original rrdtool plugin of collectd, but adds some more nice features.
  • Swap plugin: Code for OpenBSD (and possibly other *BSDs) has been added.

Release 4.6.1

Released on Sunday, February 22, 2009.

  • collectd: Many documentation fixes.
  • Collectd::Unixsock: Error handling has been improved.
  • RegEx match: Don't link with the PCRE library.
  • BIND plugin: Various bugs have been fixed. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for finding and fixing most of them.
  • IPMI plugin: Fix an off-by-one error which could cause segmentation faults. Thanks to Peter Holik for his patch.

Release 4.6.2

Released on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

  • collectd: Some Solaris utility code has been improved.
  • filter subsystem: Allow `Chains' without default targets.
  • liboping: A patch to comply with strict aliasing rules has been added.
  • TimeDiff match: Fix a typo: The match was registered with a wrong name which prevented this match to be used as documented. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for finding this problem.
  • BIND plugin: Fix collection of the cached RR sets. The number of RR sets currently in the cache was collected as a counter value, which is nonsense. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for implementing this.
  • DNS plugin: Don't pass NULL to `pcap_open_live': Some systems, primarily BSDs, don't take it well and crash.
  • Oracle plugin: Portability to 64 bit systems has been improved.
  • PostgreSQL plugin: The default configuration has been improved.
  • RRDtool plugin: Fix a possible race condition: If the network plugin is brought and dispatches a value before the rrdtool plugin is initialized, the daemon may crash.

Release 4.6.3

Released on Tuesday, June 02, 2009.

  • Build system, various plugins: Many build fixes for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X. Big thanks to Doug MacEachern for many fixes and providing a build system for many platforms, Ulf Zimmermann for providing a FreeBSD system and Simon Kuhnle for providing an OpenBSD system.
  • collectd: Two bugs with the threshold checking have been fixed. The first one prevented thresholds to be checked at all, the second one caused wrong behavior with the persistency option. Thanks to Andrés J. Díaz for fixing these problems.
  • collectd: Handling of the `Include' configuration option has been fixed.
  • Battery plugin: Don't complain about a missing directory every interval.
  • Exec plugin: Allow executed programs to close STDERR. Thanks to Thorsten von Eicken for reporting this problem.
  • IRQ plugin: Fix handling of overflowing 32-bit counters. Thanks to Tomasz Pala for the patch.
  • Perl plugin: Portability build-fixes. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.
  • Memory plugin: Fix a potential problem under Solaris.
  • Swap plugin: A work-around for 32-bit Solaris has been added. Thanks to Doug MacEachern for the patch.

Release 4.6.4

Released on Saturday, July 18, 2009.

  • collectd: Okay-notifications have been fixed. Thanks to Andrés J. Díaz for fixing this bug.
  • collectd: A programming error has been fixed in the notification code. The bug may result in an assertion failure.
  • memcached plugin: Portability fix for Solaris. Thanks to Amit Gupta for reporting the bug.

Release 4.6.5

Released on Thursday, September 10, 2009.

  • collectd: Remove old values when a cache entry is marked as missing. This way the GETVAL command of the UnixSock plugin doesn't return old, no longer valid values when this happens. Thanks to Andrés J. Díaz for the patch.
  • apache, ascent, bind, curl, nginx plugins: Advise the cURL library to follow redirects. Thanks to Joey Hess for reporting this bug.
  • DF plugin: Check the ignorelist before stating the file system, possibly reducing the number of stats considerably. Thanks to Joey Hess for reporting this bug.
  • IPTables plugin: Support for the new libiptc API has been added. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for the patch. The build system has been updated to the plugin only includes the shipped header files when it is linked with the shipped library, too.
  • libvirt plugin: Re-connect to libvirtd if connecting fails. Thanks to Alan Pevec for the patch.
  • PowerDNS plugin: Set a timeout when reading data from the datagram socket. Handling of the “LocalSocket” option has been fixed. An incorrectly used “type” has been corrected. Thanks to Luke Heberling for his patches.