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List of versions
Version 4.10
Version 4.9
Version 4.8
Version 4.7
Version 4.6
Version 4.5
Version 4.4
Version 4.3
Version 4.2
Version 4.1
Version 4.0


Release 4.3.0

Released on Monday, February 18, 2008.

  • collectd: Notifications have been added to the daemon. Notifications are status messages that may be associated with a data instance.
  • collectd: Threshold checking has been added to the daemon. This means that you can configure threshold values for each data instance. If this threshold is exceeded a notification will be created.
  • collectd: The new `FQDNLookup' option tells the daemon to use the full qualified domain name as the hostname, not just the host part es returned by `gethostname(2)'.
  • collectd: Support for more than one `TypesDB' file has been added. This is useful when one such file is included in a package but one wants to add custom type definitions.
  • collectd: The `Include' config option has been expanded to handle entire directories and shell wildcards.
  • collectdmon: The new `collectdmon' binary detects when collectd terminates and automatically restarts it again.
  • CSV plugin: The CSV plugin is now able to store counter values as a rate, using the `StoreRates' configuration option.
  • Exec plugin: Handling of notifications has been added and the ability to pass arguments to the executed programs has been added.
  • HDDTemp plugin: The new `TranslateDevicename' option lets you disable the translation from device names to major-minor-numbers.
  • LogFile plugin: Handling of notifications has been added.
  • NTPd plugin: The new `ReverseLookups' can be used to disable reverse domain name lookups in this plugin.
  • Perl plugin: Many internal changes added support for handling multiple threads making the plugin reasonably usable inside collectd. The API has been extended to support notifications and export global variables to Perl plugins; callbacks now have to be identified by name rather than a pointer to a subroutine. The plugin is no longer experimental.
  • UUID plugin: The new UUID plugin sets the hostname to an unique identifier for this host. This is meant for setups where each client may migrate to another physical host, possibly going through one or more name changes in the process. Thanks to Richard Jones from Red Hat's Emerging Technology group for this plugin.
  • libvirt plugin: The new libvirt plugin uses the `libvirt' library to query CPU, disk and network statistics about guest systems on the same physical server. Thanks to Richard Jones from Red Hat's Emerging Technology group for this plugin.

Release 4.3.1

Released on Wednesday, March 05, 2008.

  • Exec plugin: Set supplementary group IDs.
  • Network plugin: + Use `memcpy' when constructing/parsing a package to avoid alignment problems on weird architectures, such as Sparc. + Translate doubles to/from the x86 byte representation to ensure cross-platform compatibility.
  • Ping plugin: Correct the handling of the `TTL' setting.
  • Swap plugin: Reapply a patch for Solaris.
  • TCPConns plugin: Portability improvements.

Release 4.3.2

Released on Saturday, March 29, 2008.

  • collectd: Fix configuration of the `FailureMax', `WarningMax', and `Persist' threshold options.
  • collectd: Fix handling of missing values in the global value cache.
  • collectd: Improved error messages when parsing the configuration.
  • Sensors plugin: Fix temperature collection with libsensors4.
  • UnixSock plugin: Fix mixed input and output operation on streams.
  • Wireless plugin: Fix reading noise value.

Release 4.3.3

Released on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.

  • build system: Improved detection of several libraries, especially if they are in non-standard paths.
  • build system: Portability fixes: Automatically define "_REENTRANT" if the libc expects it.
  • collectd: Error and warning messages have been improved.
  • collectd: Check for the BYTE_ORDER and BIG_ENDIAN defines before using them.
  • Apache plugin: Allocate new memory when reading a webpage instead of using a buffer of static size.
  • Exec plugin: Close (almost) all filedescriptors before exec(2)ing the program.
  • HDDTemp plugin: Error and warning messages have been improved.
  • Sensors plugin: Fix sensor collection for some chip types.

Release 4.3.4

Released on Saturday, August 30, 2008.

  • Build system: Improved detection of and linking with the statgrab library.
  • collectd: Portability fixes, especially to determine endianess more reliable.
  • Various plugins: Fix format strings.
  • Disk plugin: A fix for giving disks under Linux 2.4 the right names again has been applied.
  • memcached plugin: Fix a too short timeout and a related file descriptor leak.
  • Memory plugin: A typo in the libstatgrab code has been fixed.
  • Network plugin: A fix in the initialization function solves problems under Solaris.
  • nginx plugin: A thread-unsafe function has been replaced.
  • VServer plugin: A thread-unsafe function has been replaced.
  • Wireless plugin: A work-around for broken wireless drivers has been added.