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List of versions
Version 4.10
Version 4.9
Version 4.8
Version 4.7
Version 4.6
Version 4.5
Version 4.4
Version 4.3
Version 4.2
Version 4.1
Version 4.0


Release 4.2.0

Released on Saturday, October 27, 2007.

  • collectd: The new config option `Include' lets you include other configfiles and thus split up your config into smaller parts. This may be especially interesting for the snmp plugin to keep the data definitions separate from the host definitions.
  • IPVS plugin: The new `ipvs' plugin collects IPVS connection statistics (number of connections, octets and packets for each service and destination). Thanks to Sebastian Harl for this plugin.
  • memcached plugin: The new `memcached' plugin connects to a memcached daemon process and collects statistics of this distributed caching system. Thanks to Antony Dovgal for contributing this plugin.
  • nginx plugin: The new `nginx' plugin reads the status page of an nginx daemon and saves the handled connections and requests.
  • Perl plugin: Many changes, including the added `EnableDebugger' config option which lets you debug your Perl plugins more easily.
  • RRDtool plugin: Use the thread-safe RRD-library if available. Try to be more thread-safe otherwise by locking calls to the library.
  • SNMP plugin: Added the options `Scale' and `Shift' to Data-blocks to correct the values returned by SNMP-agents. If a block is defined as `table' the instance is now optional. The sequence number is used as the type-instance in this case. The new `InstancePrefix' option allows to add arbitrary prefixes to the type-instance.
  • TCPConns plugin: The new `tcpconns' plugin collects the number of certain TCP connections and what state they're in. This can be used to see how many connections your FTP server has to handle or how many outgoing connections your mailserver has open.

Release 4.2.1

Released on Thursday, November 08, 2007.

Release 4.2.2

Released on Saturday, December 15, 2007.

  • nginx plugin: Incorrect comparison of strings lead to a segfault when using the plugin. Thanks to Saulius Grigaliunas for fixing this.
  • LogFile plugin: The config option `Timestamp' was handled incorrectly and basically always active. Thanks to Luke Heberling for fixing this.

Release 4.2.3

Released on Friday, December 28, 2007.

  • Sensors plugin: Updated the plugin to build and work with version 3 of the libsensors library.

Release 4.2.4

Released on Monday, January 21, 2008.

  • UnixSock plugin: A bug in the unixsock plugin caused it not to set the permission on the socket as documented in the manpage. Thanks to Evgeny Chukreev for fixing this issue.
  • collectd: The documentation has been improved.

Release 4.2.5

Released on Tuesday, March 04, 2008.

  • Apache plugin: Improved initialization and error messages.
  • Exec plugin: Set supplementary group IDs.
  • Network plugin: + Create separate threads for reading from the socket and parsing and dispatching incoming packets. Versions prior to this may have problems in high-load situations, where the socket receive buffers overflows, resulting in gaps in the data. + Use `memcpy' when constructing/parsing a package to avoid alignment problems on weird architectures, such as Sparc. + Translate doubles to/from the x86 byte representation to ensure cross-platform compatibility.
  • Ping plugin: Correct the handling of the `TTL' setting.
  • RRDtool plugin: Ensure correct handling of the `RRATimespan' option.
  • Swap plugin: Reapply a patch for Solaris.
  • TCPConns plugin: Portability improvements.

Release 4.2.6

Released on Saturday, March 29, 2008.

  • collectd: Improved error messages when parsing the configuration.
  • Sensors plugin: Fix temperature collection with libsensors4.
  • UnixSock plugin: Fix mixed input and output operation on streams.
  • Wireless plugin: Fix reading noise value.

Release 4.2.7

Released on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.

  • build system: Improved detection of several libraries, especially if they are in non-standard paths.
  • build system: Portability fixes: Automatically define "_REENTRANT" if the libc expects it.
  • collectd: Error and warning messages have been improved.
  • collectd: Check for the BYTE_ORDER and BIG_ENDIAN defines before using them.
  • Apache plugin: Allocate new memory when reading a webpage instead of using a buffer of static size.
  • Exec plugin: Close (almost) all filedescriptors before exec(2)ing the program.
  • HDDTemp plugin: Error and warning messages have been improved.
  • Sensors plugin: Fix sensor collection for some chip types.