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haproxy.rb plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: n/a
Status: external
First version: n/a
Copyright: 2009 Clinicsoft. LLC
License: GPLv2+
Manpage: n/a
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The haproxy.rb plugin connects to the load balancing software HAproxy and requests status output. It parses the output and dispatches statistics (traffic, sessions) to collectd. The plugin is written by Ryan Schlesinger in Ruby and is used via the Exec plugin.


LoadPlugin exec
<Plugin exec>
  # userid plugin-executable plugin-args
  Exec "haproxy" "/usr/lib/collectd/plugins/haproxy" \
    "-s" "/home/haproxy/haproxy-stat" \
    "-i" "i-cfeba9a6" \
    "-e" "bck_lb" \
    "-n" "www" \
    "-w" "10"

Example graphs

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