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Tail CSV plugin
Type: read
Callbacks: config, init, read, shutdown
Status: supported
First version: 5.3
Copyright: 2013 Kris Nielander
2013 Florian Forster
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
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The Tail CSV plugin "follows" (tails) and parses CSV files.

This plugin is a generic plugin, i.e. it cannot work without configuration, because there is no reasonable default behavior. Please read the Plugin tail_csv section of the collectd.conf(5) manual page for an in-depth description of the plugin's configuration.


<Plugin "tail_csv">
  <Metric "snort-dropped">
      Type "percent"
      Instance "dropped"
      Index 1
  <File "/var/log/snort/snort.stats">
      Instance "snort-eth0"
      Interval 600
      Collect "snort-dropped"

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