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Attendees: Sunku Ranganath, Matthias Runge, Krzysztof Kepa, Hari TG, Jabir Kanhirakadavathu, Michal Kobylinski, Reshma Pattan, Aibhne Breathnach,Dagobert Michelsen Emma Collins, Susan Coombs


  • Introductions, purpose of this call
  • Unstable CI in upstream Collectd blocking upstreaming
    • Patches failing in CI which were unrelated to CI failures and vice versa
    • Making patch to pass CI seems to be random
    • We need access to CI to fix issues
    • Only Florian and tokkee (sebastian harl) have access right now and we need to share the load
    • Currently Marc Fournier has only change access but cant approve other's patches
    • Sunku to reach out Sebastian to respond on CI email thread
    • Matthias asked to add Fabien (aka faxmodem) and/or Matthias to add & approve others
    • One person from Intel would volunteer
  • How best to share these minutes
    • Use wiki to document these calls
    • If there are troubles logging in to or using wiki, contact Matthias
    • Minutes in wiki will be sent to the collectd mailing list
    • Copy paste the URL for this webex call, capture date and time for next meeting
  • Collectd meetup
    • Matthias is bit hesitant that we don’t have enough topics but agree with below
    • To accommodate folks traveling from far, 2 days would help.
    • If we finish early we could do hackathon or categorize PRs, etc.
    • Dates are dependent on octo's availability at this point as his presence is very important
    • If key people (like octo) don’t show although we are making our efforts to make this happen, community might have to look in to forking or other alternatives
      • Whats theside effect of forking ->
      • If the fork becomes active with bug fixes, PRs, etc, then it will be used
      • Need to figure out ramifications of fork for downstream
      • Sunku to reach out to tokkee about octo
    • Please add your name to the meetup if you are interested
  • 5.11 release
    • Then we could have 5.11 release, currently CI is blocking random patches to make them to master
    • List of issues to be reviewed for 5.11 -> https://github.com/collectd/collectd/milestone/17
    • We are seeking community help to close on this
    • With current situation, 5.11 would take atleast end of January or later
    • Matthias has agree to find sometime to go through open PRs and approve as he is the only active contributor that has these permissions
    • Hope to have more approvers decided by the meetup
    • To really help the community, please go through open issues and help review
  • End user working group
    • Having a call might help
    • But not sure how this could be done, need to experiment with this