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Attendees: Matthias Runge, Emma Folley, Dagobert Michelsen, Reshma Pattan, Piotr Dresler, Pawel Tomaszewski, Krzysztof Kepka


  • Collectd community meetup (Munich, Feb 17th-18th)
    • Invitation sent to mailing list
    • If you would like to participate, please remember to reply, as there is registration required in advance
    • If you would like to discuss something particular, please add a point to draft agenda on etherpad:
  • Grooming backlog
    • If you see any open issue that is not relevant anymore - please provide feedback or just close it
    • If you issue that is still relevant, please provide feedback
      • Even positive "yes, this still affects me", would help in prioritization
  • Ideas for future meetings
    • Backlog grooming - to go through open issues and discuss
    • "Pair-review" - to do joint effort code reviews, with purpose to share experience between contributors
  • 5.11 release