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Collection 4
Screenshot of Collection 4
Type: Web
License: LGPLv2.1
Language: C / JavaScript
Author: Florian "octo" Forster
List of front-ends

Collection 4 (abbreviated as C4) is a web-based front-end to data collected by collectd. It is written as a FastCGI application in C.

The two main goals of C4 are performance and versatility: The application has been implemented in a way that handles installations with more than 85,000 files in an efficient manner. The data and appearance of each graph can be configured in a config file in a very flexible manner. Not all output options support this configuration yet, though.


Roadmap / Wishlist

  • Sending a FLUSH command to the daemon using libcollectdclient is mandatory.
  • Currently the code base is cluttered with functions trying to figure out the arguments required for rrdtool graph (rrdgraph(1)). These functions will be moved to a separate place or removed entirely. RRDtool doesn't allow to separate the fetch and create graph phases and therefore doesn't fit the design of C4.
  • Much work has been spent on internal design and optimizations. The HTML printed by the program is very crude and basically a proof of concept. While this will hopefully improve over time, the goal is to make it possible to create nice front-ends on top of C4 using the data is exports as JSON.
  • Make it possible for an ident to match multiple value lists. One way to do this is to use regular expressions in the selectors of the graph and the def.
  • Make it possible to specify a "fallback" def – a def which is used when no other def matches a given file / data source.


You can think of actions a little applications sitting on top of a library that makes up C4. They provide functionality that is available using this interface. Currently, the following actions are available:

  • graph
    Prints a graph instance as a PNG image using the librrd. This action will possibly be removed or changed.
  • graph_def_json
    Exports a graph definition as JSON.
  • instance_data_json
    Exports the data required to draw a graph instance as JSON.
  • list_graphs
    Prints a list of graphs as an HTML page. You can optionally request dynamic graphs to be included, too.
  • list_hosts
    Prints a list of hosts as an HTML page.
  • search
    Provides a search interface to the graphs provided by C4 using HTML.
  • search_json
    Provides search facilities and returns data encoded as JSON, so it can be used from JavaScript.
  • show_graph
    Prints an HTML page listing all the graph instances belonging to a graph.
  • show_graph_json
    Returns a list of graph instances belonging to a graph as JSON.
  • show_instance
    Prints an HTML page containing one graph instance, i.e. an actual image. By default the graph image is rendered using JavaScript, but an RRDtool-generated graph can be requested, too, which uses the graph action.
  • usage
    Prints a list of available actions.


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